Addressing Unwanted Behavior

It's About Functiong Better

Behavior issues can be tricky for every parent. You may hear things like, “Your child isn’t playing well with the other kids,” or you may have had a well-meaning family member or friend give you some unwelcome advice on how your child just needs to be spanked more often. Or maybe you just left your child’s Pediatricians office where they told you that the behaviors you are seeing are totally normal, but your mama gut tells you different. I would trust your gut on that one! 

Our goal is not to “fix” the child per se because people aren’t fixable. We can, however, equip the child and family to function better and even learn to thrive in areas that were lacking.

My Approach

The best way I have found to effectively change behavior is to peel back the layers of unwanted behavior to find potential root causes.The only way I know how to do that is to consider the whole child: 

  • In your Initial Consult we spend time taking a full history of your child from womb to present. As you tell your child’s story, clues arise, and before long we will have a plan in place that will hopefully get you past surviving and into a more fulfilling relationship with your child.
  • I assess the functionality and development of their brain, gut, organs, motor development, central nervous system, sensory system, mood, emotions, sleep, what they eat, what they don’t eat, bathroom habits, how they learn, personality and the list goes on.  
  •  I have a network of highly skilled experts who I now call "friends in the field." In some cases I am able to refer my clients to those professionals, but not always. The main thing is that we can cut out some of the co-pays and red-tape by having the ability to go straight to the professional in that field and ask questions. I also have outstanding relationships with all of the school districts I have worked with. 
  • I have never met a child with consistent difficult behaviors going on that doesn't have a root cause for those behaviors.When we address the root, we can better deal with the behavior.

What Is Expected From You

I want to be very specific about who I work with and who I do not work with. I work with parent/s who are passionate about their kid’s development and who are ready to do what it takes to see their child functioning better.  If you do not have the time or ability to put in the work, the timing may not be right to hire me.

With my help, we are going to work together as a team to holistically approach your child’s issues.  For most clients that means that we may make some of these temporary changes 

  • Diet
  • Types of activities 
  • Behavioral strategies

Also, I encourage that any changes we make, we make as a unified family.  


Every year there are a few clients who can get away without me recommending diet changes.  Boy are you lucky!

But I do want to prepare you that about 80% of kids with behavioral things going on have gut issues. In order to see if there is an allergen component to your child’s behavior, most parents opt for the free (and most effective) testing which is eliminating certain foods that are known irritants.  

The good news is, if that is the problem, you will see behaviors change quickly, which is quite exciting.


As part of your initial consult and observation it may become obvious to me that your child could potentially benefit from an evaluation for a certain type of therapy, or consult with a specialized doctor. Before I make most of these recommendations, I pre-screen what I have observed and learned about your child with a hand-picked professional in that field. This is a benefit to all of my clients that can reduce the amount of wasted co-pays and pointless appointments where you learn nothing.