Communities That I Serve

Houston, Texas Families

  • Sessions are held at your home.  
  • With  permission, I observe your child in their daycare setting (or other social setting if your child is not in daycare/pre-school).
  • For the Home Observation, I  typically observe at the end of the Initial Consult or schedule a time  to come back at the time of day that is most difficult for the child.

Waco, TX Families

  • I service the Waco, TX area for 3-5 days a month, where I do private appointments, workshops and contracted work with several childcare facilities.
  • All initial consults and observations are held in person while I am in Waco. The Plan of Action (the last part of your Initial Consult)  can be held either by phone or Facetime a week after the Initial Consult, or a month later in person.
  • Most other sessions are held online via FaceTime, Hangouts or Skype
  • With permission, I typically call your child’s teacher or childcare provider for the observation portion of the consult if it cannot be arranged during the time that I am there.

Non-Texas Families

  • Depending on your situation, a customized phone consult can be arranged. Call for details.
  • If I am traveling to any other area to speak, some individualized consults or training sessions may be available if time permits.

Facility and Institutions

  • Specialized training for all staff and/or parents.
  • One-time, weekly or monthly contract services. Can help assess specific children that you have concerns about.
  • Train staff and directors on the latest research and practices available in the areas of social-emotional development, motor skill development, handwriting, Sensory Integration and Brain Integration strategies.

Family Services Offered

Marisa can only take a certain amount of private clients at one time. There is a waiting list option if she does not have any current openings

Individual Sessions

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